Christofer David Chiappa

25 Fessenden Road
Arlington, MA 02476-6023


  • Principal Software Developer
    Oracle OLAP, Server Technologies
    June 29, 1998 - Present
    Responsible for server software development of Oracle's OLAP Software, primarily in performance-critical calculation methods.
  • Summer Intern
    Oracle OLAP Products Division (Development group)
    June, 1997 - August, 1997
    Participated in a variety of projects, including running performance tests, publishing data on the web and porting software between the Alpha and Intel platforms.
  • PC-Services Consultant
    Carnegie Mellon User Services
    September, 1996 - May, 1998
    Duties include helping users with problems on their IBM PC's which are either too difficult or too involved for the standard help desk consultants.
  • System Administrator
    Mercer Management Consulting, Inc.
    June 1996 - August 1996
    Administered a variety of server-oriented machines, including a Vax and Alpha running OpenVMS and two HP9000-800 machines running HP/UX 9.04 and 10.10. Also responsible for backups, software and hardware evaluation and responding to user requests
  • FoxPro Programmer
    Mercer Management Consulting, Inc.
    June 1995 - August 1995
    Developed and deployed two custom Databases written in xBase under FoxPro 2.5.


  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
    School of Computer Science
    Double Major in Logic & Computation
    College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Philosophy Department

    Carnegie Mellon University
    May 17, 1998


  • Eagle Scout
    June 1994
  • National Merit Semifinalist


  • Good Relational and human skills. Enjoys working in a team.
  • Experienced in C, C++, Common Lisp, HTML, Pascal, xBase, Perl and Bourne/Korn style scripting.
  • Knowledge of all major Unix variants, including Linux, SunOS, HP/UX, BSD and Ultrix. Extensive experience with Dos, Windows 3.1/95/NT, OS/2 and the MacOS.
  • Experienced in PC hardware.
  • Knowledge of all major software applications.