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Linux and the ABIT BP6 Motherboard

Chris Chiappa

v1.2, 19 Apr 2000 $Id: bp6-linux.sgml,v 1.11 2000/07/09 17:30:29 griffon Exp $
This FAQ is for people dealing with the ABIT BP6 motherboard under Linux, primarily for investigating the mysterious lockups. It does not currently cover other known issues with the motherboard, such as the flakyness of the Highpoint ATA66 controller, however additions are welcome (the FAQ author does not run IDE).

1. What is the BP6?

2. Why would you want one?

3. Why the need for this FAQ?

4. How can I solve my BP6 problems?

5. What sorts of problems have been reported?

6. Mailing list

7. Testing the BP6

8. Possible causes of the lockups

9. Is there anywhere I can report my successes or failures?

10. Does ABIT know about the problems?

11. RC5 and Seti@Home clients

12. Where else can I find information on the BP6?

13. What does the author's system run?

14. Misc. BP6 and Celeron stuff

15. Credits

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